If, as they believe in Congo, the sting of a fly can launch the end of the world, then I suppose I ought to be wearing mozzi guard this year. Problem is, the sentiment needs to be shared by every one of the nearly seven billion of us. That’s a lot of citronella and a lot of mozzi nets. Seeing as the majority of us can’t even feed our children properly, averting the end of the world – or whichever slightly more probable worthy reality you may like to insert here – is pretty likely to slide to the bottom of this year’s to do list.

And, if peace is only a virtue if your conscience is shared by your neighbours, well, the same applies there, too. Peace is very long way off if all seven billion of us need to equally and truly believe in the same vision of that utopian fixture. What a dream peace will remain in the criss-crossed, walled-off world otherwise. And why hope for hope for peace if it means a compromised income from your poppy fields, overbearing foreign rule or decimated natural recources?

And what about lower carbon futures, alternatives to GDP, religious tolerance, airport security, Malt Loaf sizes and all of those other ginormous quandries?

We’re the flies and we’re the neighbours. We define the virtues and angle the stings and manufacture the nets and along the way squeeze out smidgens of potential change for good. So, I hope that we, or at least some of our more elevated decision makers, will lead by example this year.

It’d also be nice to do more exercise in 2010 and, of course, finally nail my obsession with Brazilian tapioca making.

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