udder shudder

A technical term, I think you’ll find, for the involuntary reflex that besets those who have over-eaten at St John restaurant. May also affect those who have recently come to learn the provenance of many industrially farmed livestock products (timely cross-ref: Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker piece).

All meat and dairy products succumb to the stuttering reaction – a flinching, grimacing cheek, pulled in revulsion. Sufferers are prone to worry peers with Tourets-like nervous rictus motions of the mouth and face. It aint pretty.

After a meal of bone cups of stinking molten veal marrow lava, a whole suckling pig – some perfunctory cabbage thrown in – and a load of sickeningly heavy suet ginger puddings, udder shudder followed by veganism seemed the only option.

Sorry Joe, I know you’re tutting as you read this. Many vegetables, minimal meat and perhaps even some home-made almond milk, here I come.

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