runny honey

I have just had my own little eureka moment. Runny honey! That’s what I’ll call my food blog (I happily thought)! It dribbles, seeps, sticks, gets everywhere, complements nearly everything and generally makes life a smidgen sweeter. Surprise, surprise, the name’s taken. But, like Eddie the Eagle and his new chin, I remain unstoppable and shall henceforth try to write a series of RunnyHoney editions every now and then as part of this site… Food, eating, cooking and thoughts thereon.

Coming soon, one spoonful at a time.

2 responses to “runny honey

  1. I like it and look forward to the next spoonful. Shame about the bees though

  2. Clever! I look forward to your comentaries! Perhaps you know a good photographer to take some pics of the food you are critiquing?

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