Air-travel without the journey, plane, airport or destination – NEW for this summer time!

Get all the holiday-induced jetlag you could ever envy by living in the UK when the clocks change. For optimal results, make sure you are domicile (or on a long-term visit) over the last weekend of March when, all of a sudden, hour hands across the nation unceremoniously slide an extra hour down clock faces.

I had to scrape myself out of bed this morning – my maladjusted bodyclock thought it was 06:15, afterall, and getting to sleep last night was a long process, my mind refusing to shut down an hour earlier. I am not hungry but the flashing red digits on our oversized newsroom clocks tell me it is time for my lunch break.

On one hand, this is the beginning of the loveliness that is BST – lazy afternoons that slip idly away at 10pm and busy, bright mornings that awake youthfully early.

On the other hand, one hour’s time change means it’ll take 24 hours to recalibrate my internal rythyms and feel normal once again, according to NASA. It’s jetlag, without the jet. But, like most holidayish components, it’s worth it.

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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