Golden future, golden arches

It’s a strange and bubbly feeling to wake up to such profoundly important and uplifting news as that of Obama’s victory this morning. We’ve grown accustomed to the droning sighs of a financially crippled globe, the tuts of a disenfranchised electorate and the imperious cries of the environmentally ‘concerned’.

Is that happiness and opitimism I hear and sense on the news? Are they actually smiling? It also happens to be Bonfire night and my birthday – a triple whammy of excitement in my camp. It’s all just a little discombobulating.

At work, a reporter friend who has been up all night covering the unfolding elections from within London’s US Embassy gave me the disappointing lowdown: it was a long, dull night. No champagne was on offer and most people had left by 2am. And to keep the masses refreshed? The thoughtful folk down at Grosvenor Square laid on none other than MacDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks and Subway stalls. All complimentary.

Change we may be celebrating, but much, let’s face it, stays the same.

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