Goodbye, Mr Chips

I’m the proud new owner of a new bottom to my front right tooth.

The chip that went before was horribly sharp, pointy and really idiotic and I am feeling suitably worthy of my expensive new friend.

I haven’t been too active lately on the blog front – work has taken an unexpectadly all-consuming twist and both of our ibook chargers at home have been trodden on and obliterated, so not much in terms of down-time. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have come to the conclusion that I can blame my chipped tooth on the boffs over at Apple Mac and their shoddy workmanship.

Had I devoted Saturday to online time, I may not have headed to Hackney in the evening for a drink or two. Had I not headed to Hackney, I may not have stayed up all night and had I not stayed up all night, I may not have unceremoniously walloped my front teeth into my beer bottle (helped, in no small part by a hefty accidental shove), at dawn.

Those chargers have always had a bad rap. Oh, the clarity of convoluted hindsight…

2 responses to “Goodbye, Mr Chips

  1. Blithering Idiot

    Goodbye Mr Chips, hullo Mother of Pearl! …… your teeth are like stars, they come out at night, ha ha.

  2. Blithering Idiot

    Goodbye Mr Chips, Hullo other of Pearl! …. as the old saying goes, Your teeth are like stars my darling, they come out at night.

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