computer i am not

Reading Charlie Brooker’s column  the other day struck a chord with me – I have oft wondered whether the two-dimensional world we are glued to – via tellies, computers, phones and cameras – is making us all waft through life without ever actually seeing, hearing or speaking properly. I mean really properly: observing, listening and communing.

It’s a scary thought as I sit here, typing away, staring at a lit-up glass-fronted plastic box. But it’s more scary when there are whole generations in our own country that are being excluded in favour of remote, electronic communication – something I got stuck into in my Post Haste entry.

As technology swirls into other-worldy orbits and we are more able to work, play and live from the confines of our homes than ever before, let’s occasionally remember that, after all, we’re only animals. It’s just not natural to converse in sputters of staccatoed binary, rows of zeros and ones hiccoughing their way out of our mouths, zig-zagging babble punctuating white silences.

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