So, the current Mayor has crept ahead again in the lastest round of elections polls.

It’s no dionysian whirlwind, but the upcoming mayoral election has whipped up quite the flurry in media circles. As to the outcome – it looks like your guess is as good as the experts’ at the moment.

The policies themselves are either similar on the large scale (greenifying London, cutting crime, improving transport), or negligible on the smaller, electorate-winning scale. The crepuscular soup of promises and semi-promises is a hard one to negotiate and I for one am not taken by any of the contestants so far.

It’s all up in the air and, spectator-wise, there’s nothing like a good down-to-the-line, nose-to-nose battle, especially when the stakes have never been greater.

For, if there is one thing the audacious Ken Livingstone has done for London, it is make London worth fighting for. No matter your political bent, race, sexuality, religion, educational background, Prius-piousness or tap-water-worthiness, the battle for Mayor is the hottest ticket in town and the audience is braying for blood.

And whilst you might not like his apparent love of glasnost (surrounding Lee Jasper, for example), committed perestroika of TfL and that irritatingly insoucient voice, he has succeeded in injecting a heavy dose of partiinost, or party-mindedness, into London life.

Whether it’s a party to which your precious vote is suited is another question altogether.

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