Ex Marine races against time on trek to ski the length of Norway

A former Royal Marine who planned to cross-country ski the length of Norway by April is two months behind schedule. The epic trek is taking Dave Leaning across over 2600km of tundra and ends at Europe’s most northerly tip, Nordkapp, 500km into the Arctic Circle.No stranger to extreme conditions, Dave, 28, has served on the front line in Afghanistan. Swapping sand for snow, the trek has been an enormous challenge.Severe storms, disorientating ‘whiteouts’ and injuries have added to the journey. Now Dave is up against a growing pressure – to chase the snow before the spring thaw.

Relying upon the kindness of strangers, the Reading resident has had to seek refuge and warmth from locals along the way, most of whom have never heard of anyone attempting a similar expedition. Their generosity, Dave says, has got him through some of the tougher times – and he’s only just half-way.

Having lost comrades to landmines, Dave is raising money for the Mines Advisory Group, an international mine clearance charity.

Read Dave’s diary, watch film clips and track his progress at http://www.skinorway.org.uk.

3 responses to “Ex Marine races against time on trek to ski the length of Norway

  1. its two weeks – not two months
    im not that slow!
    i google search my name sometimes to see if anyone has written anything new about me
    cheers for the write up

  2. I would like to contact Dave Leaning to ask him about his Norway expedition, as I am doing a long distance on skis with pulk and would like his advice?

    • Hello,
      So sorry to have taken ages to get back to you. I will get Dave’s email and get back to you asap. May be best to have a look at his site Coldshores.co.uk.
      Speak soon, daisy

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